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ROLOFOL a.s. is the only Czech producer of LLPDE stretch films designed for both hand and machine wrapping.

ROLOFOL a.s. puts strong emphasis on the high and balanced quality of the products it supplies, backed by continuous development and technical support in implementing new wrappings.

ROLOFOL a.s. stretch films significantly help to reduce CO2 emissions (environmental benefit), reduce the amount of film consumed with each pallet wrapped (material benefit), and optimize the costs of a wrapped pallet (economic benefit).

Our products



Wrap it safely with ROLOfilm XT hand stretch film! Modern, eco-friendly hand stretch film with high strength and puncture resistance. Its unique characteristics mean that ROLOfilm XT meets the strict criteria for transport safety, fixing goods safely on the pallet, and significantly reduces the amount of film consumed when wrapping a pallet.



Wrap it safely with ROLOfilm XT-M machine stretch film! Modern, eco-friendly machine stretch film with high strength, stiffness, and puncture resistance. ROLOfilm XT-M stretch film can be used with any existing wrapping machines as well as with all ROLOwrap wrapping machines.



Wrap it safely with a complex wrapping system! The ROLOwrap semi-automatic stretch wrapper makes the most of the technical characteristics of ROLOfilm XT-M stretch films. Together they form a reliable wrapping system with emphasis on the safety of the wrapped pallet during transport.



Wrap goods in cardboard boxes safely! ROLOtape adhesive tapes hold cardboard boxes closed reliably and safely, preventing them from opening during transport. Thanks to a thick carrier the tape does not tear or split when unwinding. The hotmelt glue means the tape sticks firmly to the cardboard box.


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