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ROLOFOL a.s. is the only Czech producer of LLDPE stretch films designed for both hand and machine wrapping. ROLOFOL a.s. puts strong emphasis on the high and balanced quality of the products it supplies, backed by continuous development and technical support in implementing new wrappings. ROLOFOL a.s. stretch films significantly help to reduce CO2 emissions (environmental benefit), reduce the amount of film consumed with each pallet wrapped (material benefit), and optimize the costs of a wrapped pallet (economic benefit).

ROLOFOL a.s. is the only Czech producer of LLDPE stretch films designed for both hand and machine wrapping. The company has its registered office in Bordovice near to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, where it operates its own production, storing, and administrative premises. The company has another production plant in Holešov near Kroměříž. With more than 12 years’ experience in the manufacturing and processing of LLDPE materials as well as in continuous development and laboratory research, ROLOFOL a.s. is the leader in terms of the quality of stretch film applications with a wide customer portfolio. Our considerable technical expertise enables us to offer high quality modern, economical and environmentally-friendly stretch films as well as complex individual wrapping solutions customised to suit the actual needs of our customers.

ROLOFOL - You can even wrap the unwrappable!

Environmental policy

The environmental policy constitutes an inseparable part of the development and production of stretch films by ROLOFOL a.s. As the leading producer and processor of plastics in the Czech Republic, we market our own products in line with the policy of reducing the environmental burden. Not only do ROLOfilm XT premium stretch films decrease the materials and costs involved in wrapping, they also significantly help to achieve the environmental policy objectives of responsible companies.

To produce 1 kg of LLDPE (stretch film), 1.9 kg eq. CO2 has to be released into the air.

(Source: Environmental Product Declarations of European Plastics Manufacturers, November 2008).

Company history

  • 2001 - ROLOFOL was founded, as a distributor of stretch films
  • 2004 - ROLOFOL buys a manufacturing facility with the surface area of 10,000 m2 to house its first production line acquired a year later
  • 2005 - ROLOFOL buys its first cast line and starts producing stretch films. The line has a capacity of 5,000 tons per year.
  • 2007 - As demand increases, ROLOFOL acquires another cast line situated in a rented site in Holešov. The overall production capacity of the company increases to 12,000 tons per year.
  • 2012 - ROLOFOL develops a revolutionary type of film - ROLOfilm XT. It is characterised by its thinness (up to 7 μm) and high fixation power, tensile strength, and puncture resistance.
  • 2016 - ROLOFOL adds ROLOwrap semi-automatic wrapping machines to its product portfolio. Together with ROLOfilm XT-M machine stretch films they ensure high wrapping quality, low film consumption, savings on wrapping costs, reduce handling time, increase production efficiency and help to protect the environment.
  • NOWADAYS - ROLOFOL provides its clients with a wide portfolio of top-class LLDPE stretch films, intuitive and reliable wrapping machines - ROLOwrap, an assortment of other wrapping materials, consultancy, and customised wrapping solutions based on continuous innovation.


ROLOFOL a.s. is a major employer of persons with disabilities within its region and is classed as a Protected Workshop pursuant to Act No. 435/2004 Coll., on Employment, as amended.

Please find the current job vacancies in Career.


ROLOFOL a.s is deeply aware of its commitment to customers to consistently supply them with high quality and technically highly sophisticated products; therefore, the company cooperates with important European centres of expertise in terms of specialist know-how and the development of LLDPE stretch films.

One of the partners we cooperate with is the Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC – www.ceitec.cz) at Brno University of Technology.  

The company also cooperates with its important customers in the development and improvement of the characteristics of its stretch films. For many of them we have produced reliable transport wrappings customised to meet their demanding requirements or to resolve undesired problems with complaints about goods scattered or damaged during transport.

Awards and certifications

ROLOFOL a.s. takes pride in winning the „Face of Innovation“ international contest with its MOVE IT SAFELY project.

The „MOVE IT SAFELY“ project was awarded by the international expert committee for the biggest innovative contribution to wrapping, coordinated by DOW CHEMICAL, the global leader in chemistry and plastics.

Assessed criteria:

Improved load stability
Cost optimization

Attestation for direct contact with food

ROLOFOL a.s. has also obtained attestation for direct contact with food. The attestation for direct contact with food proves that ROLOfilm XT stretch films are safe when in contact with food and are produced using constant input materials and a constant manufacturing process.

Sticking to the same manufacturing process and using the same input materials in the production of ROLOfilm XT films guarantees customers that the quality of the films we supply remains constant. Moreover, ROLOfilm XT stretch films can easily be identified thanks to the bright green paper tubes and printed boxes to protect the films when they are delivered to customers and to allow them to be easily identified in the warehouse.


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