You can wrap anything with our products!

Our product portfolio includes both hand and machine high quality stretch films, quality adhesive tapes, as well as top-class modern wrapping technologies.

ROLOFOL a.s. provides its customers with high-quality modern wrappings, technical expert consultancy in using modern application technologies, and applies the latest trends in decreasing CO2 emissions thanks to lower LLDPE consumption.

Product portfolio

ROLOfilm XT stretch films are designed for the standard hand wrapping of pallets and do not require any special working conditions or staff training. ROLOfilm XT stretch films replace conventional stretch films with a thickness of 12 – 26 µm and considerably reduce the amount of film consumed per wrapped pallet. By applying ROLOfilm XT stretch film, you play a significant role in decreasing CO2 emissions in the environment.

ROLOfilm XT-M – A revolutionary novelty in the world of wrapping! ROLOfilm XT-M machine stretch films are designed for wrapping a wide range of products from light cardboard goods to heavy pallets with bottles of mineral water or concrete products. The final wrapping process is performed at high pressure and consumes very little stretch film for each pallet wrapped.

Together, the ROLOwrap semi-automatic stretch wrapper and ROLOfilm XT-M unique stretch film ensure high wrapping quality, low film consumption, savings on packaging costs, reduce handling time, increase production efficiency and help to protect the environment.

Pack goods safely in cardboard boxes! ROLOtape adhesive tapes hold cardboard boxes closed reliably and safely, preventing them from opening during transport. Thanks to its thick carrier the tape does not tear or split during unwinding. The hotmelt glue means the tape sticks firmly to the cardboard box.

ROLOpower machine stretch films are stiff stretch films with a working stretch of 190% to 270%. ROLOpower machine stretch films are suitable for wrapping large products transported on pallets. They have long been a standard in the ROLOFOL a.s. product portfolio, with proven quality and constant technical properties.


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