Wrap it safely with ROLOfilm XT hand stretch!

ROLOfilm XT – A revolutionary novelty in the world of wrapping!

ROLOfilm XT stretch films are designed for the standard hand wrapping of pallets and do not require any special working conditions or staff training.

ROLOfilm XT stretch films replace conventional hand stretch films with a thickness of 12 – 26 µm and considerably reduce the amount of film consumed per wrapped pallet. „enclose photo of balls, see Annex“

By applying ROLOfilm XT stretch film, you play a significant role in decreasing CO2 emissions in the environment.

The mechanical properties of ROLOfilm XT prevent goods from distorting, stop transported pallets from wobbling, and, with its high holding force, also protect goods during transport.

ROLOfilm XT stretch films are characterised by their fast ramping of tensile strength and very low-to-zero additional shrinkage on the wrapped pallet. Compared to other films, ROLOfilm XT is up to twice as strong – 70 MPa

(measured at CEITEC – the independent laboratory of Brno University of Technology).

• The graph demonstrates the course of the tensile strength (N) dependent of the elongation of the hand stretch film (%) and compares the tensile strength of ROLOfilm XT 3 stretch film (9 µm) to the standard RF 20 stretch film (20 µm).
• The enclosed graph shows that, when wrapped around a pallet, the tensile strength of ROLOfilm XT 3 stretch film that of the RF 20 film.
• It follows from the graph that with the additional elongation of 50% and more the RF 20 film elongates loosely while ROLOfilm XT 3 foil reacts with increased holding force.

Suitability of ROLOfilm XT stretch films application

  1. ROLOfilm XT stretch films run with a 30 – 80 % working stretch.
  2. At approx. 50 % stretch, ROLOfilm XT stretch films create 3x higher tensile strength at the same or maximum stress of conventional stretch film.
  3. ROLOfilm XT stretch films show no yield point unlike a conventional stretch films.
  4. Each futher stretch of ROLOfilm XT means the increasing of wrap strength in spite of conventional stretch film, which does not respond higher tensile stress during stretching due to their long yield point).
  5. A half thickness of ROLOfilm XT stretch film is completely sufficient for the same holding force or higher in comparicon with conventional stretch films that are twice as thick.
  • Czech manufacturer supported by the R&D institute CEITEC in Brno.
  • Cooperation supported through constant innovation.
  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer or from checked distributors.
  • Clear product marking and traceability – green printed tubes, marked cardboard boxes, clearly marked pallets.
  • Up to 45% reduction in wrapping costs
  • High strength and puncture resistance
  • Transport wrapping highly resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Up to 65% reduction in foil consumption
  • Consistent and guaranteed film quality – a substantial fall in the number of complaints about wrapping issues arising during transport and storage.
  • Guaranteed length of reel for each type of ROLOfilm XT.
  • Significant benefits in meeting the environmental policy objectives of responsible companies.
  • Interest in long-term cooperation with a clear price strategy.
  • Attestation for direct contact with food.

ROLOfilm XT stretch films were awarded by the independent international committee for the MOVE IT SAFELY project in the application and sustainability of ROLOfilm XT stretch films at important stretch film consumers.

Attestation for direct contact with food ensures its suitability for use in food production and operations requiring especially clean environments and wrapping. At the same time, it ensures that the stretch films we supply are of a consistent and guaranteed quality.


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